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Shenzhen Bangfujie Technology Co., Ltd.
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Shenzhen Bangfujie Technology Co., Ltd. is portable power station, Laptop Battery, Tool Battery,PCBA protection board,camera battery and it supplies one-stop solution of R&D and production. . OEM/ODM is supported.
Each product has undergone rigorous testing and has relevant testing certificates. Make laptop and mobile phone repair easier.After portable power station years of lndependent reearch and developoment on this invention, it successfuly breaks through the advanced technology of "Bilateral nveter" and has achieved super fast charging function on its product. The company also innovates and breaks through the detachable battery technology of outdoor power supply, realizing Second Battery Swap, Unlimited Battery Life.
Shenzhen Bangfujie Technology Co., Ltd.
Our company continues to innovate, breaking through detachable battery technology in outdoor power supply, enabling Second Battery Swap for unlimited battery life. Additionally, we have obtained CE, RoHS, UL, and FCC. Well-received across cities and provinces in China, our products are also exported to clients in such countries and regions as the USA, Canada, and Africa, gaining widespread praise internationally. We warmly welcome OEM/ODM orders. Whether selecting a current product from our catalog or seeking engineering assistance for your demand, our customer service center is ready to discuss your sourcing requirements.
Factory ScaleShenzhen Bangfujie Technology Co., Ltd., established in 2010, Our factory covers an area of 1,300 square meters.
Product QualityStringent quality control is implemented in every step, from material sourcing and processing to testing and packing.
Scope of businessProvides one step service in specializing in the R&D, sale, and service of Portable Power Stations, Laptop Batteries, Tool Batteries, PCBA, and camera batteries.
our teamWe have a team of hundreds of people and a complete after-sales process
Events & Exhibitions
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Dubai GITEXDubai GITEX exhibition in October 2023
China Shanghai CTIS exhibitionChina Shanghai CTIS exhibition in May 2023
Hong Kong ExhibitionGlobal Sources Show in Hong Kong, China in April 2023
Japan Energy ExhibitionJapan Smart Energy Week in March 2023
American NHS ExhibitionAmerican NHS Hardware Exhibition in January 2023
American CES ExhibitionCES Consumer Electronics Show in the United States in January 2023
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